• Who ever desires what is not gone? No one. The Greeks were clear on this. They invented eros to express it.

    Carson, Anne. Eros the Bittersweet: An Essay 
  • I can’t watch the sea for a long time or what’s happening on land doesn’t interest me anymore

    Monica Vitti
  • 4 Years Out of a Deathrow Sentence (ocean). A penpal 26 years into his sentence in a landlocked prison, described an early childhood memory that haunted him, of walking further and further into the ocean during low tide until the sudden depth and darkness before him overcame him with fear.

    (via Amy Elkins | Prison Photography)

  • Strength left me some while back. /I tremble, I blur

    Euripides, Herakles (tr. Anne Carson)
  • As though huge mountains made of rock, so vast they reached up to the sky were to advance from every side, grinding beneath them all that lives, So age and death roll over all, crushing all beings, sparing none.  And here no troop of elephants, no charioteers, no infantry, strategy in form of spells, no riches, serve to beat them off. This is how death should be recollected.

    The Path of Purification